Attracta.Com, Does It Help?

I added DavidMaynard.Net to yesterday. Attracta is a service that will help you identify SEO opportunities that you are missing, Submit an XML sitemap to Goggle, Yahoo and Bing, and beg you for money to get any real value from them. I’m not sure if I’m kidding about the last part or not. Everybody needs to make a buck, but I’m not ready for a paid service yet.

Basically, Attracta analyzes your site and grades it on a scale of 0 to 100 for search engine friendliness. My initial score was 0, ouch. Today I’m at 25. Not so impressive. What changed my score was that I added their SEO badge, which I’m pretty sure means nothing (free advertising for them I think), and they created a sitemap and gave it to several search engines. OK, it’s a start.

What I need to do is build some inbound links, tweak my Meta tags (does that matter so much? I’m not sure.), and hook up to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is all according to Attracta.

I think I’m going to work next on building inbound links, I’ll let you know soon what I’ve done and what kind of results I get. See ya next time!

5 Responses to “Attracta.Com, Does It Help?”

  1. seedbox says:

    Woh I love your posts , saved to my bookmarks ! .

  2. trisna says:

    I’m also curious about attracta, not sign up yet, I’m still searching for more information :)

  3. Dave Friant says:

    They actually gave a great score before I ever forked over any money. I do my own on page SEO. I’ve dabbled in the social media arena. Now taking a hard look at my back linking strategies. So like a lot of people commenting on your posts on Attracta I’m in my fact finding stage.

    I think their premium services are supposed to be back linking to your site through article submissions. I need to find out who owns those articles and the page ranks they put them on.

    So in short I’ve got homework to do and sales people to interrogate.
    Thanks for the post
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  4. george dover says:

    has anyone used their link building services yet? thinking about signing up but not sure the quality of the links they are using. please respond if you have good results with them.

  5. Remon says:

    I just joined attacta last month, I notice that may website get more traffic after I joined them and I liked it. They also provide me some reports regarding SEO for my site and Im really impressed with attracta.

    Now Im planning to purchase their backlink plans, but I have no idea if it will increase my traffic or not or maybe will decrease my traffic.
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