David Maynard Photography, Look Out!

I’m doing a little digging around to see who my competition is. It turns out that David Maynard Photography is at the number one slot for my name. There are two things about this that irritate me, actually three.

1) I want to be at the top.

2) David Maynard, the Photographer, takes way better pictures than me.

3) He has pictures on his site that people shouldn’t be looking at.

All that said, what can I do about it? Well, information is helpful, so I’ve found through Alexa.com that his site ranks 6,472,676. That’s not setting the world on fire BUT, you want to know what Alexa says about my new little site? Mine ranks… NO DATA. Yes, since I have no traffic to my site at all yet, that I know of, I have NO DATA.

Oh, I did submit my URL to Google, so at least they will now I exist soon (as soon as their crawlers do their thing).

Nobody else knows I exist though.

Next step… Get the word out.

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