Update To Attracta.com Post – Does Attracta Work?

This post was originally placed way back when my site was brand spankin’ new, so it’s a bit dated compared to where things are now, regarding Attracta and what I’ve done for SEO. In the last few months I’ve added a bit more material to this site and worked on search engine optimization and have had some great results. But let’s go back in time and read what I said… I think this was my second or third post on here:

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I had a completely unexpected thing happen over the weekend… I got my first visit from a search engine result!

It has to happen eventually, so the visit isn’t a surprise at all. What got me is that the search term used was NOT for David Maynard, it was for “Does Attracta.com work?”, from Bing, no less. 3 cheers for my little site! Groundbreaking, revolutionary!

I took a look and found out that my site ranked #3 on Bing for that specific keyword. I also found out that pretty much nobody searches for “Does Attracta.com work” so It will probably be useless to me…

But I did learn a lesson that people don’t always find your site in the way you expect them to. It never crossed my mind that something so seemingly unrelated to my goal might bring me visitors. Pretty neat!

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11 Responses to “Update To Attracta.com Post – Does Attracta Work?”

  1. Emma says:

    I searched for “does attracta work” 😉

  2. Rachel says:

    LOL, I got herewith “Does Attracta work?” too :)

    And yes, you’re right. The oddest search terms get us a lot of traffic.

  3. GGurls says:

    LOL that’s EXACTLY what I searched for and found this site from Google. I just used Attracta and I want to see what people rate it

  4. Dave Friant says:

    Also guilty of searching does Attracta work. Looking for more info in order to decide how much of my business and by business I mean money to give these guys.
    Just trying figure out what I want to do myself and what I want to out source.
    Dave Friant recently posted..Merry Christmas from David Friant and family

  5. Mark says:

    Attracta is a dodgy service that just sucks people into their paid services. They don’t even have an unsubscribe link in their commercial emails which they bombard you with.

    Stay clear.

  6. RealTime says:

    I have used Attracta for over a year on several of my affiliate sites. Their sitemap submissions seems to help in getting more pages indexed in google. I also got a good keyword ranking boost from their free directory listing (several PR 4 and 5 links). Their free SEO tools seem to work – at least to some degree on all of my sites, especially when they are new or I add a lot of new content.

  7. chris says:

    do did i “does attraca work?” got me here why not try writing a post about whether it works or not???

  8. Jett says:

    How long does it takes to be visible your website (specific keyword) at search engine by using attracta?

  9. Jeff says:

    I used Attracta and the TopListing service for two months but lost confidence when they would report having sent 200 visitors to my site each month but my onsite tracking code did not register any jump in traffic. When I tried to cancel and receive the pro-rated refund the sales agent had told me I would get when I signed up they denied my request and only returned a third of the amount I was expecting back. Based on the poor customer service, aggravation they are now causing me, and wasted time I will spend trying to get my proper refund I would not recommend using them.
    Jeff recently posted..Review of Attracta – Part 1

  10. Jenny Purdy says:

    I was ripped off majorly by Attracta. I was sent the timeline of progression first and then the Gold package info (July 19, 2013). After going over both documents, I agreed to enter into a contract with Attracta to get our business to the top of Google. I should have had my onsite content by Aug 9, according to the timeline they sent me. Instead I kept getting repeat emails of the Knowledge Packet over and over again. It was not until Sept 11 that I received the onsite content – a whole month late that I had to pay for. During this time, I also requested the additional service they offer for $300 to install the onsite content for me, as laid out in the original agreement. They ignored my emails and I was unable to receive this service. I had also asked some questions about editing my website. Those, too, went ignored. When they finally did send the onsite content, I was given two weeks to install it or the contract would be null and void. Because I was unable to get the additional service, I was unable to fulfill this part of the contract. Attracta had only ignored me and sent me repeat emails. I decided to cancel. Even after we agreed on a refund amount, Attracta gave me the runaround for months. This is the tame version of what they’ve put me through.
    They offer a 60-Day-Guarantee or the customer gets their money back. They were unable to get us to the top of Google in 60 days because they couldn’t even get the onsite content done on time. They couldn’t even answer simple questions in emails. They couldn’t call me when they said they would. I spent days waiting on replies that never came. Even though they could not do their job, I never received any money back.
    Attracta breached their contract 3 TIMES and completed no services for me. I paid them $2894, and I have not seen a dime returned. What little initial work they did was very low quality with misinformation and misspelling. I turned them into the Better Business Bureau, and they would not cooperate with them either. They have since had their accreditation with the BBB taken away due to the number of complaints they’ve had. I even tried to contact the co-founder, Ken Leonard, to which I still went ignored. They stole almost $3000 from me!

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