Breaking News David Maynard Is Dominating The Search Engines!

Yes, my tongue is firmly held within my cheek.

Obviously, I’ve had little time to play with my blog or to take action on the things I promised to do a couple posts ago.. but…

I had to take a second to mention that I checked Google Analytics yesterday and found that I got my first organic visitor from Yahoo.Com. I know, I know… who cares about one lousy visitor… and for all I know it may have been my Mom (In which case, she isn’t lousy!)

One visitor means pretty much nothing, right? WRONG! One visitor means that my page is FINDABLE. Is findable even a word? Not sure. Checked this morning and in Yahoo’s search engine I rank #17. Not great, but for a brand new page on a keyword flooded with computer programmer “David Maynard” and photographer “David Maynard”, I feel pretty good that I’ve made any headway at all.

Google… not so good. Didn’t see myself in the top 50 there, so I take at as meaning I don’t exist yet. However, when I add my middle initial I come up as…(drum roll please)… #4! Ah sweet smell of success!

Site Ranking of #4 for Keyword - David M. Maynard

I am now officially locatable by anyone in the world that knows my full name, David M. Maynard …But, is that a good thing?

Stay tuned…

UPDATE! I just checked Yahoo for my name with middle initial. I have reached the very coveted #1 spot. Yes, all of you that share my name can cry now. Yahoo thinks I’m more relevant than you.

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  1. Tom says:

    I remember a Dave Maynard at WBZ radio in Boston, MA many years ago, and David Maynard “The man who invented Seattle”. That’s a book title.

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