How Hard Is It To Rank Number One On Google?

Easy if your search term is obscure! :)

My apologies! This site has received far less attention from me than I expected to be able to give (which, in itself, was little).

That said, it has received more attention from the search engines than I expected it to get, and more quickly! If people were buying David Maynard I’d be in pretty good shape, and getting better all the time.

I checked Google Analytics a couple days ago and found that I was beginning to receive some organic traffic from the search engines… I noted that I had some traffic from Google and decided to go looking for myself in the results listings again. It was only about a week ago that I couldn’t find myself at all in Google’s results, right?

Well, somewhere along the line, my rank jumped to as high as spot #9 (First page!) for my main search term – David Maynard. I checked David M. Maynard again and found that I hold the #1 spot in Google, Yahoo and Bing for that term.

I honestly can’t think that I’ve done much to cause the jump, other than that enough time has gone by for Google to crawl my pages enough to decide they like me, and that I have a bit of fresh content going for me.

I expect to gain several more positions, but I’ll probably have to get a bit creative to gain the top spot. Frankly, I’m surprised at how easy it has been to do as well as I have already… I guess that’s the upside to a low traffic, low competition niche, if there ever was one.

Anyone want to buy a David Maynard bumper sticker?

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