Backlinks – No Follow versus Do Follow

I’ve been doing a little bit the last few days to increase the number of backlinks for my good old blog here. One subject that seems to generate a bit of confusion is whether you want No Follow or Do Follow links. Ideally, you want a mixture of both, it’s more natural. Contrary to what some folks think, a No Follow link still has value in that it both passes link juice and also provides a direct way for people to access your site.

It’s easy to get caught up in doing things for the search engines, but remember, ultimately it’s human visitors that want coming to your site. Yes, Do Follow links help your rankings in the search engine results, which can certainly bring a good amount of traffic, but think about how often you’ve followed backlinks willy-nilly, just kind of surfing to wherever your whims led you. Happens all the time! Personally, some of my favorite sites are ones that I did NOT find by searching in Google or elsewhere, they are sites that I just tripped into by following links on Blogs, Forums, etc.. In other words, someone was recommending the site by linking to it.

On the other side, Do Follow, there are a few nice ways to find sites that allow them. Do a search for “CommentLuv Enabled”, plus your keyword(s), and you will get a list of results for pages that will give you Do Follow links using Comment Luv. Comment Luv is a plug-in that will provide a Do Follow link and also allows you to set anchor text that is relevant by using this format for your name: YourName @ Your Anchor Text

I hope to write soon a little bit more about creating backlinks and some more methods we can use. In the mean time check out this amazing tool for building Backlinks automatically.

I think I forgot to mention that I gained 2 more spots in 2 days on big G for the keyword “David Maynard”. Up to #7 from #9, and all I did was create a handful of links. My goal? #5 or better by the end of the month… Stay tuned.

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