Can Content Alone Land A Top Spot In Google?

Content is King, they say. You will see this statement all over the web if you trying to do any kind of work on your site to get it to rank better in Google or any other search engine. If you want to land a top spot in Google, there are a number of factors you will need to consider. Content is just one of them, however it’s a fact that good, relevant content is a BIG driver behind the search engine algorithms.

Content will do more for you than you might think! Let’s say you initially target a single keyword or just a few keywords, and add a bunch of stuff related to those keywords. All is well and good, but depending on your competition, it may take a lot of writing and linking to rank for those specific keywords.

In the meantime, your articles might be filled with references to products, techniques, names and so on that also will be found by the search engines. A title such as the one I have used, can, believe it or not, be a term that people will search. Yes, that big long thing might be a specific search term! It’s called a long-tail keyword, or keyword phrase.

The first visit to DavidMaynard.Net from an organic (meaning it was found by a search engine, not by pad advertising) search was for the term “Does work?” I have since found that much of my traffic is coming from terms that I didn’t go looking for.

I use Google Analytics to see how people are finding my sites, and have found that for many of the search terms used, my site has ranked #1! Granted, there might be low search volume for those term, but if you get enough visits from enough “unexpected” terms, the traffic begins to add up significantly.

So rather than focusing so intensely on one or two keywords, broaden your efforts and try to rank for dozens, hundreds or thousands of keywords, and your traffic will be off the charts!

Why be content to land a top spot in Google when you can land many top spots? Content alone can, and will, do this. Competition for the keywords you are targeting will determine whether you need to go further and establish links or other methods for helping your site to rank better.

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  1. RealTime says:

    I used’s Pro-Content service to have a few blog articles written. The writing was surprisingly well done- and original. Then I posted them on a few blogs with links back to my site and so far the links to those posts, and visitors from them, is growing every day. You are so right: Good content targeting the right keywords is by far the best link bait.

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