How Hard Is It To Build A Bed?

How Hard Is It To Build A Bed?

I’ve always been of the mind that if you enjoyed building with LEGOs when you were young, you can probably build real stuff once you gain a few tools and skills.

Building your own furniture can appear to be a daunting task, but some furniture, like a bed, isn’t so hard once you put your mind to actually doing it. The first bed that I built was a loft bed for my (then) very small son. It was my first attempt at building anything larger than, say, a TedsWoodworking Plans and Projectsbird house.

I did this in seven main steps.

• I researched the style of bed I wanted. I chose a loft bed.
• I looked at a number of different plans that appeared to be “do-able”. I purchased the plans that took a minimum of specialized tools and had the greatest detail. I can follow clear instructions, filling in the blanks is hard.
• Using the materials list provided (make sure your plans have one!) I shopped for the best prices on the various materials. I bought everything I needed, including tools that I didn’t have. I find it pays to buy a high quality tool that can last a lifetime.
• I studied the plans to be sure I fully understood how everything goes together before starting.
• I followed the maxim “Measure Twice, Cut Once” to the extreme.
• I put the bed together when done with all the parts!
• I sanded, stained and varnished it to make it all pretty.

What I ended up with was an easy to build loft bed, that took just a couple days to build, and was extremely sturdy. Way stronger than any loft bed you could buy in a store, and arguably, much more interesting.

When our next son got old enough for a “big boy bed”, I simply put my mind to work a bit and figure out a way to add another bunk. Mission accomplished in just a couple hours. I ended up selling the bed when we moved for about $100 more than what I paid for the materials.

The Strongest Triple Bunk Bed On Earth

Bombproof Triple Bunk Bed

Now, several years later, I finally took action on the oft-considered idea of building a “triple bunk” of the same basic design. Last night son #1 and I finished the construction portion of the massive triple. We’ll have it ready for sleeping in another few hours…

Let me just ad, that having good plans is probably the best way to ensure success. I’ve looked at all kinds of plans out there, and the best deal I’ve found, hands down, is Ted’s Woodworking Plans. Ted gives you over 16,000 plans for only $67 plus a bunch of helpful videos. I know I had a hard time shelling out $67 at one time, but I figured if I would find only 6-10 plans that I actually use, I’d be ahead of what I normally pay for one at a time plans. Well, I’ve found way more useful ones that that, and I’ve got plans for a lifetime it seems.

I’ve got the bed building bug now! Building a bed is so easy and fun, that I think I’m going to tackle a platform bed with storage drawers underneath for wife and I.

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