How To Get Your Website On Google

The question, “How do I get my website on Google?” often comes up among folks that are new to building websites. I’d like to clarify a few points of confusion and also share some easy ways to get noticed by Google.

The first thing to realize is that not much, if anything, on Google happens instantly when it comes to indexing. What I am talking about when I refer to indexing is this: Google finds your site and adds it to it’s gigantic “table of contents” for the Internet. A new site may take some time for Google to find, to even acknowledge that your site exists, but there are a couple quick, easy ways to speed up the process.

First, you can submit your URL (such as directly to Google. Usually this will cause your page to be indexed in anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. While you’re waiting on that to kick in, go do the second thing.

Google will usually index you fastest if they find you via a “referral” from another website, or in other words, a backlink to your site. You can begin with something as simple as using a directory such as offers both a free (limited) service and paid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. You simply submit your URL to the directory of your choice and as soon as Google crawls that site looking for changes they will find the link to your site.

The key to getting indexed quickly through a link from another site is how often Google crawls that site. A link from a high traffic site with lots of activity will get found long before a link from Uncle Bobs Blog about horseradish recipes.

Either way you choose, and I recommend you do both, you should find your site indexed within a few days most likely. In “Internet Time”, a few days seems like a lifetime when you’re excited to see your site show up, but show up it will if you do these two simple things.

Don’t confuse getting indexed with showing up on page #1 of the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). There’s a mighty good chance that unless your site is one of only ten pages on the subject on the planet, your site will NOT show up on the first page. It might not be on the first hundred pages. Helping your site climb up the ranks to get that front page berth is what SEO is all about, and that’s another subject altogether.

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