What Is The Google Dance All About?

Well, I’ve done it. My goal was to break the top 5 spots in Big G for “David Maynard” by the end of the month. Today is March 30 and I’m sitting at #5 as of this writing. (Giving myself a little pat on the back)

The downside is, it may not stay this way for long. Why? The Google Dance, or at least a little variation of it.

I’ve watched my position carefully over the last month or so, and found that my blog position fluctuates a fair amount. When I hit the first page of search results DavidMaynard.Net was at #9 but the very next day I dropped off the first page to position #14. Within a week or two, I was back at position #9 and have steadily climbed since then with almost daily jockeying a position up or down.

Technically, the Google Dance relates to re-rankings of website when their is a change in algorithms at Google. Google is constantly updated their criteria for finding the most relevant sites for a particular search term. When Google updates things, suddenly sites that have been ranking high may drop way down, and vice versa.

Long established authority sites with lots of relevant content are not typically affected by algorithm changes as much as sites that use the “technique of the month” to try to gain high rankings.

You will also see, when a site is relatively new, a good amount of shuffling as Google tries to determine where a site should really be. Google’s algorithm doesn’t view things like a human does, but really, a little common sense will tell you when your site shouldn’t be ranked as high as it is, or when your site will eventually rank better.

If you search for David Maynard, you will find DavidMaynardPhotography.com at the #1 spot. I’m sure he won’t mind when I take over, because he can rest pretty sure that he will hold #2 pretty easily (Just kidding David Guy!). His site is established, he’s an expert in his field and he has original content. A human can tell that easy enough.

Now, there is a David Maynard, that is a minister, also on the first page. I think he was ranking around #3-#5. As a human, I could tell that his page has been around a while, has some content, but that there is no real activity going on. Mainly just a profile of him on a church website. I knew right away that I would eventually outrank him, and as of today, I have. Interesting thing is that he fell to #8! Sorry David at Melrose!

I go this way, you go that way… the Google Dance on a mini scale.

Now think about all the bazillion web pages out there, and Google decides that just one thing is no longer important to rankings, or a page that does have a particular element is more desirable. Boom! The earth shakes, and suddenly everyone’s ranking are in flux!

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