How To Get All The Twitter Followers You Can Handle

Sometimes life is a popularity contest. It doesn’t seem to matter what you’re saying or how you say it if enough people are listening. The online world is a lot like that too, and how many Twitter followers you have can make or break your online presence.

I’m going to say upfront, I have never been a big Twitter user until recently, as a matter of fact, my personal account has like ten followers. The thing is, you can follow and follow and many (MOST!) times people don’t follow you back. If you don’t have Twitter followers, it means nobody can hear your message (Well, at least not on Twitter).

Let me tell you how to get all the Twitter followers you can handle. I have several accounts that I use for businesses that have tons of followers. One of them got over 600 followers in just two days, and is still growing. Can you imagine what you could do if you had exposure to thousands of people on Twitter?

I’d like to do a video on this sometime, but for now, this is what you get:

  • Go to and choose “Sign in with twitter” in the upper right corner.
  • Enter your Twitter log-in info
  • Select Authorize Application
  • Watch the Video Down Below

At this point you are logged in and should see that you have like 10-20 free “seeds”. Usually, those seeds will go down to 0 very quickly. Why? Because people just followed you!

Twiends is like speed-dating for Twitter Followers, but without the heartache. You log-in, set your interests, get some seeds, and watch your follower count climb – sometimes skyrocket!

The idea is that you get “seeds” by following other people or buying them. You can also get seeds by viewing YouTube videos and liking people on Facebook. Easy stuff.

There are a couple of settings you can use to optimize things, which I suppose will require a video –



Alright, now that you know exactly how to gain new followers on demand, whenever you feel like it, with almost no effort, how do you plan to make money from this new found influence? I’d put something like Turbo Cash Generator to work and see what it can do for you!

Who else wants to make $100,000 per year – working from home ?



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