How to Make $100 A Day Posting on Forums

A great way to make money online, if you have a knack for writing and conversation, is posting on forums.

A lot of webmasters hire people to post on their forums so that their forums will appear busy. It’s a catch-22 when starting a forum, if there are few users then people won’t stay around long. It takes people to attract people, and sometimes paid posters are the answer.

When you posting in forums, all you would have to do is initiate new threads, respond to existing ones and keep conversations going. You can do this by posting interesting thoughts, thought-provoking conversation, teaching people things or just having fun and expressing your personality. It takes interesting material to bring someone into a forum, but people often stay because of the sense of community that develops over time. I know one site were there are many, many members of 10 years or longer, some with twenty thousand or more posts!

A great perk of forum posting for money is that you get to learn new things. Also, if you post in forums that you already have interest in, you basically get paid to have a good time.

Here are some steps you can take to become a forum poster:

Ø      Browse through freelancing sites such as,,, etc.

Ø      Apply for forum posting jobs on those sites

Ø      Respond back to the buyer on time if you are called for an interview

Ø      Agree on the pay per post and the deadline

Ø      Get the job done within the accepted deadline

How much money can I make from forum posting?

For each forum post you make, the general prices range anywhere from $0.10 to $0.50 per post. If you have time to devote to this during the day and are able to make between 200 to 1000 posts (depending on how much your job is worth), then you can earn $100 a day. What you make will depend on how valuable your posts are and what the webmaster is willing to pay.

Another way to supplement your posting income is to rent your forum signature to a business or marketer. There are people that are willing to pay you $10 or more a month just to put a link in your signature. Obviously, the more you post, the more you will be worth for this.

If you would like to see more ways to make $100 a day working online, leave a comment and tell me. I’ll share some more ways if I see some interest.


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