Internet Uptime Monitoring – Do You Know When Your Website Is Down?

If you’ve run a blog or website for any time at all then you’ve probably gone to your site at some point just to find out it’s down, gone, kaput! This means NOBODY can access it, and if no one can access your site, you can’t make any money from it, right? Like most of us do, you probably called your web hosting company (you did get one with a technical support phone number, like, didn’t you?) and they started working on the problem.

Here’s the problem. How do you know how long your site was AWOL? How many visitors did you loose? How many sales were lost forever? The questions are endless – and aggravating!

Even if your site is online it may be running so slow that people won’t stay on your site. How would you know this? For the most part, you wouldn’t, but you would see a big drop in traffic. You might think that people are losing interest in your site when really it’s just that your web site is too slow.

Most website owners have the same frustration from time to time, and most don’t even know what’s going on. You can change all that! There are services available that will send you an email (or text message to your cell phone) the moment your web site goes down. They will also measure how fast your site is throughout the day and give you nice graphical reports of how quickly your site is performing hour-by-hour and day-by-day.

I just recently found a service called They will monitor your “uptime” and also the speed of your site and I have to say I’m fairly impressed with the service. It gives me a lot of piece of mind knowing that throughout the day if my site goes down I’ll get an email.

If I have a really slow traffic day, guess where I check first to find out why? Yep, It might just be that my site was slow, so visitors weren’t sticking around. With an uptime monitor, this can be verified at a glance. offers two main services, free and paid (for businesses). The differences between the two types of account are how often they check your site, whether they watch it from around the world or just in the states, and if you want cell-phone text messages alerts or just email alerts.

If you have a site online that’s making any money at all, I’d recommend their gold membership because it costs money to have your site down, no question about it. If you have a blog just for fun or aren’t making money yet, you can use the free membership.

Use this link below you’ll get 65% off their premium package when you’re ready to order. This is a special link I’ve been given for readers of my site and it’s not available to the general public:

Start Monitoring Your Website Now

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, should monitor his or her web site because you never know the next time your site will go down.

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