What Are You Doing To Make Money Right Now?

Let me ask you a personal question… are you one of the multitude that says they want to make money online, but isn’t doing a single thing about it?

Don’t worry, there’s no big shame in that. We all have dreams and ambitions that, for the most part, go unrealized. Seriously, we all have things we want to do, a bucket list I guess you could say. Here’s one of my personal “goals”.

I want to climb Mt. Denali in Alaska.

Will I ever do it? I doubt it.


Because I’m not doing anything about it, that’s why!

I humbly admit that I’m not in training (I’m a solid twenty pounds overweight), I haven’t purchased any gear at all, and most days I don’t even give it one thought. Really, this is the first time in several years that it’s even crossed my mind, but I’m still an aspiring mountain climber, right? Aspiring is the key word.

The difference between those who make money online and those who don’t boils down to one thing only. It’s not brains, it’s not computer knowledge, it’s not “luck”- it’s nothing but this simple fact:

Those who make money online take action.

They might stumble and sputter, they might take a long time, they might never make more than a few dollars, but with enough action they will make something eventually. Funny thing is, the more action they take the more money they make.

Since we’re picking on me, check this out:

I started selling on Ebay eleven years ago. I didn’t know it was supposed to be difficult to make money there. I didn’t know the competition was too tough. All I did was sit down, sign up and list something for auction, and I made just under twenty dollars on my first transaction. Not bad, it was a start, but…

I have since had numerous transactions with the profits measured in the hundreds of dollars and several have broken the thousand dollar barrier. My best net profit to date was $1472 for a set of microphones (that I wish I would have kept!) – I will always remember that transaction because it took me under an hour of total work.

I know someone that has told me probably thirty times over those same eleven years that she wants to sell things on Ebay. My answer has always been the same –

Go sign up for Ebay and list something, anything, sell a wooden spoon, who cares.

She still hasn’t done it.

Ebay isn’t really a part of my life these days. I will occasionally list something if I find a good deal that I know will make money, but I don’t care much for going to the Post Office anymore. I’ve moved on to take action in other areas. I’ve got bigger fish to fry, as they say.

Those that make a lot of money online take a lot of action, money-making action.

It should be no mystery that making money takes work. If there really was a push-button, cash-dispensing way of making money, it would be so quickly overused that it would no longer work, and that’s reality.

The beauty is that it doesn’t have to be hard work. It seems like every day I stumble on another way to make money online, the opportunity is simply crazy.Do you want to make money online? Just take action!

As Nike so famously said, “Just Do It”. Pick a method that interests you and work at it till you earn a dollar. If you like it, keep on earning your dollars. In the meantime you will gain other knowledge that can help you see other ways to make money that may pay better.

What will you do RIGHT NOW? I’ve put together a report that will show you 87 ways to earn $100 or more per day online, if you will just take action. All you have to do to get it is Tweet about it once.

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Are you going to start now, or are you still going to be saying you “want to start to make money online” eleven years from now?


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