Has Anyone Else Noticed Strange AdSense Targeting

To add to the AdSense weirdness… Now AdSense ads seem to be be on the “trailing edge” of what the person is browsing.

In other words, if someone is on a weight loss site and receives targeted advertising there, when they jump to an auto parts site, they will still see many, if not mostly, weight loss ads.

This is a totally backwards step in my mind. When I start a new search direction, I have mentally changed gears and stopped considering what I was previously looking for. This could be especially problematic for webmasters that have built their site around high paying AdSense words such as insurance. Imagine the horror when those juicy insurance clicks start turning into random .05 clicks off of your pages.

Is it time to reconsider AdSense as a viable monitization vehicle, or is this just something temporary while Google works out how to improve the user experience?

I personally find it bizarre to see AdSense ads that are totally unrelated to the site I am on, quite frankly it annoys me greatly. Targeting should be relevant to the site you are on, not what you WERE on?

Anyone else agree?

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