How To Get All The Twitter Followers You Can Handle

Sometimes life is a popularity contest. It doesn’t seem to matter what you’re saying or how you say it if enough people are listening. The online world is a lot like that too, and how many Twitter followers you have can make or break your online presence.

I’m going to say upfront, I have never been a big Twitter user until recently, as a matter of fact, my personal account has like ten followers. The thing is, you can follow and follow and many (MOST!) times people don’t follow you back. If you don’t have Twitter followers, it means nobody can hear your message (Well, at least not on Twitter).

Let me tell you how to get all the Twitter followers you can handle. I have several accounts that I use for businesses that have tons of followers. One of them got over 600 followers in just two days, and is still growing. Can you imagine what you could do if you had exposure to thousands of people on Twitter?

I’d like to do a video on this sometime, but for now, this is what you get:

  • Go to and choose “Sign in with twitter” in the upper right corner.
  • Enter your Twitter log-in info
  • Select Authorize Application
  • Watch the Video Down Below

At this point you are logged in and should see that you have like 10-20 free “seeds”. Usually, those seeds will go down to 0 very quickly. Why? Because people just followed you!

Twiends is like speed-dating for Twitter Followers, but without the heartache. You log-in, set your interests, get some seeds, and watch your follower count climb – sometimes skyrocket!

The idea is that you get “seeds” by following other people or buying them. You can also get seeds by viewing YouTube videos and liking people on Facebook. Easy stuff.

There are a couple of settings you can use to optimize things, which I suppose will require a video –



Alright, now that you know exactly how to gain new followers on demand, whenever you feel like it, with almost no effort, how do you plan to make money from this new found influence? I’d put something like Turbo Cash Generator to work and see what it can do for you!

Who else wants to make $100,000 per year – working from home ?



What Is The Google Dance All About?

Well, I’ve done it. My goal was to break the top 5 spots in Big G for “David Maynard” by the end of the month. Today is March 30 and I’m sitting at #5 as of this writing. (Giving myself a little pat on the back)

The downside is, it may not stay this way for long. Why? The Google Dance, or at least a little variation of it.

I’ve watched my position carefully over the last month or so, and found that my blog position fluctuates a fair amount. When I hit the first page of search results DavidMaynard.Net was at #9 but the very next day I dropped off the first page to position #14. Within a week or two, I was back at position #9 and have steadily climbed since then with almost daily jockeying a position up or down.

Technically, the Google Dance relates to re-rankings of website when their is a change in algorithms at Google. Google is constantly updated their criteria for finding the most relevant sites for a particular search term. When Google updates things, suddenly sites that have been ranking high may drop way down, and vice versa.

Long established authority sites with lots of relevant content are not typically affected by algorithm changes as much as sites that use the “technique of the month” to try to gain high rankings.

You will also see, when a site is relatively new, a good amount of shuffling as Google tries to determine where a site should really be. Google’s algorithm doesn’t view things like a human does, but really, a little common sense will tell you when your site shouldn’t be ranked as high as it is, or when your site will eventually rank better.

If you search for David Maynard, you will find at the #1 spot. I’m sure he won’t mind when I take over, because he can rest pretty sure that he will hold #2 pretty easily (Just kidding David Guy!). His site is established, he’s an expert in his field and he has original content. A human can tell that easy enough.

Now, there is a David Maynard, that is a minister, also on the first page. I think he was ranking around #3-#5. As a human, I could tell that his page has been around a while, has some content, but that there is no real activity going on. Mainly just a profile of him on a church website. I knew right away that I would eventually outrank him, and as of today, I have. Interesting thing is that he fell to #8! Sorry David at Melrose!

I go this way, you go that way… the Google Dance on a mini scale.

Now think about all the bazillion web pages out there, and Google decides that just one thing is no longer important to rankings, or a page that does have a particular element is more desirable. Boom! The earth shakes, and suddenly everyone’s ranking are in flux!

Building A Bed For Fun and Profit

Alright, I have to say it, I really enjoyed building the monster triple bunk bed. It was great to spend time with my boys, teaching them some basics of woodworking and getting a few pounds of sawdust in our eyes, ears, nose and throat!

Not only do I have an extremely sturdy and handsome bed at a fraction of the cost of a store bought one, but I now have my first two orders for a budding new business.

Say What?

Yes! Two orders! Here’s a prime example of turning a hobby or skill into money. I’ve had several friends over to the house while I was in the process of building the bed, and three of them said they want me to build one for them. Nice! Two are actually willing to pay what I have to charge to make it worth it, but I’m pretty excited.

Too bad I’ll probably end up investing my profits in tools to make the process more efficient. But, then again, I like tools…

There you have it, I wasn’t even looking for business but it came to me. I can use my skills to earn a little extra money, and of course I’m giving real consideration to setting up a site and selling beds online for profit!

A little love for the creator of the plans that I love so much:

Order a plan from OP Loftbed

Let’s see if I can get a picture of my triple bunk modification posted on his site… stay tuned for more. For now, here’s a short video of us putting it together.

Can Content Alone Land A Top Spot In Google?

Content is King, they say. You will see this statement all over the web if you trying to do any kind of work on your site to get it to rank better in Google or any other search engine. If you want to land a top spot in Google, there are a number of factors you will need to consider. Content is just one of them, however it’s a fact that good, relevant content is a BIG driver behind the search engine algorithms.

Content will do more for you than you might think! Let’s say you initially target a single keyword or just a few keywords, and add a bunch of stuff related to those keywords. All is well and good, but depending on your competition, it may take a lot of writing and linking to rank for those specific keywords.

In the meantime, your articles might be filled with references to products, techniques, names and so on that also will be found by the search engines. A title such as the one I have used, can, believe it or not, be a term that people will search. Yes, that big long thing might be a specific search term! It’s called a long-tail keyword, or keyword phrase.

The first visit to DavidMaynard.Net from an organic (meaning it was found by a search engine, not by pad advertising) search was for the term “Does work?” I have since found that much of my traffic is coming from terms that I didn’t go looking for.

I use Google Analytics to see how people are finding my sites, and have found that for many of the search terms used, my site has ranked #1! Granted, there might be low search volume for those term, but if you get enough visits from enough “unexpected” terms, the traffic begins to add up significantly.

So rather than focusing so intensely on one or two keywords, broaden your efforts and try to rank for dozens, hundreds or thousands of keywords, and your traffic will be off the charts!

Why be content to land a top spot in Google when you can land many top spots? Content alone can, and will, do this. Competition for the keywords you are targeting will determine whether you need to go further and establish links or other methods for helping your site to rank better.

How Hard Is It To Build A Bed?

How Hard Is It To Build A Bed?

I’ve always been of the mind that if you enjoyed building with LEGOs when you were young, you can probably build real stuff once you gain a few tools and skills.

Building your own furniture can appear to be a daunting task, but some furniture, like a bed, isn’t so hard once you put your mind to actually doing it. The first bed that I built was a loft bed for my (then) very small son. It was my first attempt at building anything larger than, say, a TedsWoodworking Plans and Projectsbird house.

I did this in seven main steps.

• I researched the style of bed I wanted. I chose a loft bed.
• I looked at a number of different plans that appeared to be “do-able”. I purchased the plans that took a minimum of specialized tools and had the greatest detail. I can follow clear instructions, filling in the blanks is hard.
• Using the materials list provided (make sure your plans have one!) I shopped for the best prices on the various materials. I bought everything I needed, including tools that I didn’t have. I find it pays to buy a high quality tool that can last a lifetime.
• I studied the plans to be sure I fully understood how everything goes together before starting.
• I followed the maxim “Measure Twice, Cut Once” to the extreme.
• I put the bed together when done with all the parts!
• I sanded, stained and varnished it to make it all pretty.

What I ended up with was an easy to build loft bed, that took just a couple days to build, and was extremely sturdy. Way stronger than any loft bed you could buy in a store, and arguably, much more interesting.

When our next son got old enough for a “big boy bed”, I simply put my mind to work a bit and figure out a way to add another bunk. Mission accomplished in just a couple hours. I ended up selling the bed when we moved for about $100 more than what I paid for the materials.

The Strongest Triple Bunk Bed On Earth

Bombproof Triple Bunk Bed

Now, several years later, I finally took action on the oft-considered idea of building a “triple bunk” of the same basic design. Last night son #1 and I finished the construction portion of the massive triple. We’ll have it ready for sleeping in another few hours…

Let me just ad, that having good plans is probably the best way to ensure success. I’ve looked at all kinds of plans out there, and the best deal I’ve found, hands down, is Ted’s Woodworking Plans. Ted gives you over 16,000 plans for only $67 plus a bunch of helpful videos. I know I had a hard time shelling out $67 at one time, but I figured if I would find only 6-10 plans that I actually use, I’d be ahead of what I normally pay for one at a time plans. Well, I’ve found way more useful ones that that, and I’ve got plans for a lifetime it seems.

I’ve got the bed building bug now! Building a bed is so easy and fun, that I think I’m going to tackle a platform bed with storage drawers underneath for wife and I.

How To Get Your Website On Google

The question, “How do I get my website on Google?” often comes up among folks that are new to building websites. I’d like to clarify a few points of confusion and also share some easy ways to get noticed by Google.

The first thing to realize is that not much, if anything, on Google happens instantly when it comes to indexing. What I am talking about when I refer to indexing is this: Google finds your site and adds it to it’s gigantic “table of contents” for the Internet. A new site may take some time for Google to find, to even acknowledge that your site exists, but there are a couple quick, easy ways to speed up the process.

First, you can submit your URL (such as directly to Google. Usually this will cause your page to be indexed in anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. While you’re waiting on that to kick in, go do the second thing.

Google will usually index you fastest if they find you via a “referral” from another website, or in other words, a backlink to your site. You can begin with something as simple as using a directory such as offers both a free (limited) service and paid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. You simply submit your URL to the directory of your choice and as soon as Google crawls that site looking for changes they will find the link to your site.

The key to getting indexed quickly through a link from another site is how often Google crawls that site. A link from a high traffic site with lots of activity will get found long before a link from Uncle Bobs Blog about horseradish recipes.

Either way you choose, and I recommend you do both, you should find your site indexed within a few days most likely. In “Internet Time”, a few days seems like a lifetime when you’re excited to see your site show up, but show up it will if you do these two simple things.

Don’t confuse getting indexed with showing up on page #1 of the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages). There’s a mighty good chance that unless your site is one of only ten pages on the subject on the planet, your site will NOT show up on the first page. It might not be on the first hundred pages. Helping your site climb up the ranks to get that front page berth is what SEO is all about, and that’s another subject altogether.

Backlinks – No Follow versus Do Follow

I’ve been doing a little bit the last few days to increase the number of backlinks for my good old blog here. One subject that seems to generate a bit of confusion is whether you want No Follow or Do Follow links. Ideally, you want a mixture of both, it’s more natural. Contrary to what some folks think, a No Follow link still has value in that it both passes link juice and also provides a direct way for people to access your site.

It’s easy to get caught up in doing things for the search engines, but remember, ultimately it’s human visitors that want coming to your site. Yes, Do Follow links help your rankings in the search engine results, which can certainly bring a good amount of traffic, but think about how often you’ve followed backlinks willy-nilly, just kind of surfing to wherever your whims led you. Happens all the time! Personally, some of my favorite sites are ones that I did NOT find by searching in Google or elsewhere, they are sites that I just tripped into by following links on Blogs, Forums, etc.. In other words, someone was recommending the site by linking to it.

On the other side, Do Follow, there are a few nice ways to find sites that allow them. Do a search for “CommentLuv Enabled”, plus your keyword(s), and you will get a list of results for pages that will give you Do Follow links using Comment Luv. Comment Luv is a plug-in that will provide a Do Follow link and also allows you to set anchor text that is relevant by using this format for your name: YourName @ Your Anchor Text

I hope to write soon a little bit more about creating backlinks and some more methods we can use. In the mean time check out this amazing tool for building Backlinks automatically.

I think I forgot to mention that I gained 2 more spots in 2 days on big G for the keyword “David Maynard”. Up to #7 from #9, and all I did was create a handful of links. My goal? #5 or better by the end of the month… Stay tuned.

Google Rankings Update – DavidMaynard.Net Helped By Building Back Links

Call it lack of competition, call it whatever you will, but my quest to gain a high ranking for my name has been pretty easy. I’ve invested very little time, and have gotten nothing out of it but some smug satisfaction, but it’s been fun! You can’t stop me!

Just checked for the first time in a week or so and here is where I am today:

David Maynard – Page #1 – Spot #9
David M Maynard – Page #1 – Spot #1 (I Win!)

David Maynard – Page #3 – Spot #30
David M Maynard – Page #1 – Spot #1

I’m not sure why the disconnect between Yahoo and Google (I am assuming Bing will be similar so I didn’t check them, besides I just don’t care much for Bing) but I think that Google has taken into account my more recent efforts and Yahoo hasn’t.

So, what have I done? I recently recorded a training course about creating back links and I put into practice a few of the techniques I shared in that course. Looks like it’s made a difference. I hope to talk a bit about building backlinks in my next post.

Bye for now!

How Hard Is It To Rank Number One On Google?

Easy if your search term is obscure! :)

My apologies! This site has received far less attention from me than I expected to be able to give (which, in itself, was little).

That said, it has received more attention from the search engines than I expected it to get, and more quickly! If people were buying David Maynard I’d be in pretty good shape, and getting better all the time.

I checked Google Analytics a couple days ago and found that I was beginning to receive some organic traffic from the search engines… I noted that I had some traffic from Google and decided to go looking for myself in the results listings again. It was only about a week ago that I couldn’t find myself at all in Google’s results, right?

Well, somewhere along the line, my rank jumped to as high as spot #9 (First page!) for my main search term – David Maynard. I checked David M. Maynard again and found that I hold the #1 spot in Google, Yahoo and Bing for that term.

I honestly can’t think that I’ve done much to cause the jump, other than that enough time has gone by for Google to crawl my pages enough to decide they like me, and that I have a bit of fresh content going for me.

I expect to gain several more positions, but I’ll probably have to get a bit creative to gain the top spot. Frankly, I’m surprised at how easy it has been to do as well as I have already… I guess that’s the upside to a low traffic, low competition niche, if there ever was one.

Anyone want to buy a David Maynard bumper sticker?

Picture of

Breaking News David Maynard Is Dominating The Search Engines!

Yes, my tongue is firmly held within my cheek.

Obviously, I’ve had little time to play with my blog or to take action on the things I promised to do a couple posts ago.. but…

I had to take a second to mention that I checked Google Analytics yesterday and found that I got my first organic visitor from Yahoo.Com. I know, I know… who cares about one lousy visitor… and for all I know it may have been my Mom (In which case, she isn’t lousy!)

One visitor means pretty much nothing, right? WRONG! One visitor means that my page is FINDABLE. Is findable even a word? Not sure. Checked this morning and in Yahoo’s search engine I rank #17. Not great, but for a brand new page on a keyword flooded with computer programmer “David Maynard” and photographer “David Maynard”, I feel pretty good that I’ve made any headway at all.

Google… not so good. Didn’t see myself in the top 50 there, so I take at as meaning I don’t exist yet. However, when I add my middle initial I come up as…(drum roll please)… #4! Ah sweet smell of success!

Site Ranking of #4 for Keyword - David M. Maynard

I am now officially locatable by anyone in the world that knows my full name, David M. Maynard …But, is that a good thing?

Stay tuned…

UPDATE! I just checked Yahoo for my name with middle initial. I have reached the very coveted #1 spot. Yes, all of you that share my name can cry now. Yahoo thinks I’m more relevant than you.

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