Update To Attracta.com Post – Does Attracta Work?

This post was originally placed way back when my site was brand spankin’ new, so it’s a bit dated compared to where things are now, regarding Attracta and what I’ve done for SEO. In the last few months I’ve added a bit more material to this site and worked on search engine optimization and have had some great results. But let’s go back in time and read what I said… I think this was my second or third post on here:

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I had a completely unexpected thing happen over the weekend… I got my first visit from a search engine result!

It has to happen eventually, so the visit isn’t a surprise at all. What got me is that the search term used was NOT for David Maynard, it was for “Does Attracta.com work?”, from Bing, no less. 3 cheers for my little site! Groundbreaking, revolutionary!

I took a look and found out that my site ranked #3 on Bing for that specific keyword. I also found out that pretty much nobody searches for “Does Attracta.com work” so It will probably be useless to me…

But I did learn a lesson that people don’t always find your site in the way you expect them to. It never crossed my mind that something so seemingly unrelated to my goal might bring me visitors. Pretty neat!

********  End Original Post About Attracta ********

Attracta.Com, Does It Help?

I added DavidMaynard.Net to Attracta.com yesterday. Attracta is a service that will help you identify SEO opportunities that you are missing, Submit an XML sitemap to Goggle, Yahoo and Bing, and beg you for money to get any real value from them. I’m not sure if I’m kidding about the last part or not. Everybody needs to make a buck, but I’m not ready for a paid service yet.

Basically, Attracta analyzes your site and grades it on a scale of 0 to 100 for search engine friendliness. My initial score was 0, ouch. Today I’m at 25. Not so impressive. What changed my score was that I added their SEO badge, which I’m pretty sure means nothing (free advertising for them I think), and they created a sitemap and gave it to several search engines. OK, it’s a start.

What I need to do is build some inbound links, tweak my Meta tags (does that matter so much? I’m not sure.), and hook up to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This is all according to Attracta.

I think I’m going to work next on building inbound links, I’ll let you know soon what I’ve done and what kind of results I get. See ya next time!

David Maynard Photography, Look Out!

I’m doing a little digging around to see who my competition is. It turns out that David Maynard Photography is at the number one slot for my name. There are two things about this that irritate me, actually three.

1) I want to be at the top.

2) David Maynard, the Photographer, takes way better pictures than me.

3) He has pictures on his site that people shouldn’t be looking at.

All that said, what can I do about it? Well, information is helpful, so I’ve found through Alexa.com that his site ranks 6,472,676. That’s not setting the world on fire BUT, you want to know what Alexa says about my new little site? Mine ranks… NO DATA. Yes, since I have no traffic to my site at all yet, that I know of, I have NO DATA.

Oh, I did submit my URL to Google, so at least they will now I exist soon (as soon as their crawlers do their thing).

Nobody else knows I exist though.

Next step… Get the word out.

Keywords, Relevant Content, Search Engine Submissions and Such

So, I have my little blog, I’ve added a couple of Keywords such as David Maynard, David, and Maynard. I’m trying to be very specific and rank high for just the term David Maynard, so I may not add much else. I really am not sure the best way to go about this, so I’ll let you know If I have any success worth talking about.

I DO know that Google loves relevant content, but doesn’t like keyword stuffing… so how do I prove to Google that my site is full of wonderful David Maynard stuff? I guess I’ll start adding it. Maybe some pictures? Articles, posts, and what have you.

I guess I’ll try to build some links, make sure I submit to the search engines and whatever else I can think of. I’ll let you know what I’ve done, once I go do it.

News Flash! David Maynard Dot Net Rises to the #1 spot on Google!

Mostly, I’m just curious to see what I would have to do to get DavidMaynard.net on the first page of Google search for my very own name. I don’t suppose that there are too very many Google searches for my name, much less me, but I plan to document everything that I do here in order to make the cream rise to the top.

What’s it take? Well, my site needs to be relevant to the search term – “David Maynard”. I guess that’s my main keyword. – Hold on a sec. I’m going to go see how many actual searches there are for my name using Google’s External Keyword Tool…

…Heh, I got sidetracked, it looks like David Maynard – the Photographer has a decent edge on Google. I did NOT know that I share my name with a founder of Electronic Arts. There are a BUNCH of us on LinkedIn, and they all look a good bit more important than me.

Yikes! 450,000 global searches for Maynard! Who would have thought? I wonder how a fella could capitalize on that? Alas, only 2,400 searches for David Maynard though. If you add my middle initial – zero. No body is looking for me at all I guess. Looks like most of the searches are for some creepy rocker named Maynard Kennan, that doesn’t count.

Ok, so I made a WordPress Blog and I’m going to do what i can to optimize it and add a bunch of Maynard-ish content, and see where this little experiment can lead… Hopefully to the #1 spot!

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